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August 9, 2012


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I got an anonymous tumblr message from someone who said they were from deviantart, asking why I hadn't uploaded very much recently so I realised WOW I AM REALLY NEGLECTING MY DEVIANTART like seriously and so many lovely people have been commenting and fav'ing and watching recently so I feel pretty bad

first off I don't have a computer and photoshop at the moment so I'm not really able to produce digital art at the moment at all, this should resolve itself in about a month when I can replace my laptop

I guess the main reason is that I'm kinda preoccupied at the moment, this last year has been a really important one in terms of my education but also my family and big stuff has happened and is still happening

as of the end of next week I'll be a little less preoccupied hopefully, depending on how my results go...

BUT ANYWAY THE POINT OF THIS WAS TO SAY I'm super mega grateful for everyone here on Deviantart I keep logging in every day and getting so many lovely messages and comments and favs and it's just really really encouraging and I wub u gaiz

and in answer to your question anon whoever you were (I thought I'd do it here rather than tumblr because you said you watched me on Deviantart) I am always happy to doodle characters from Soul Eater for you (or D.gray-man or whatever fandom I've previously shown an interest in) - I have this horrible habit of getting obsessed with just ONE THING OH MY GOD DRAW IT FOREVER AAAAAAAAH and forget about everything for a while

if you miss my soul eater stuff or whatever then just message me on tumblr I am always super mega excited by drawing requests

i once drew death the kid in a reindeer hat for someone
i think that speaks for itself
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I really should go on tumbler more often, since I've signed up and I think the site's pretty great. I always forget, though... Hmmmm WELL IT'S NICE TO KNOW YOU'RE STILL ALIVE SO IT'S ALL GOOD :XD:

armoured-armadillo Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
it's easier to share art than on DA which is what attracted to me it but now i'm stuck help
Zerix-kun Aug 9, 2012  Student Writer
armoured-armadillo Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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